Warning Whatsapp virus can crash your software

A WhatsApp virus named “ Whatsapp text bomb” which is a bug has been viral on Whatsapp groups it will effect when it open, when user open (whatsapp virus) this bug which is basically a black DOT type message mobile will start hanging and than it will restart automatically but if your phone is latest. If user is using old smartphone android version it will destroy your android software and than your phone will dead. 
The Whatsapp virus bomb massage looks simple like a black dot, which shared on Reddit, but honestly this whatsapp virus is designed with thousands of hidden commands which is use to overload the mobile phone's operating system and than crash smartphone's software.
The Whatsapp virus Bomb massage like simple: “This is very Interesting!  😂 Read More”.
When user click on “Read More” massage the smartphone will immediately start hanging and mostly completely crash, it will force user to restart their device.
These sorts of bugs are more irritating than they are specifically unsafe in that much similarly that programmers over-burden sites with activity, these messages over-burden cell phones with concealed code.
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Reported : whatsapp virus 2018


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