Facebook has suspended around 200 apps so far in data misuse investigation

Facebook announced on its official blog that Facebook suspended around 200 apps after investigation of the Cambridge Analytica scandal case. Facebook suspend 200 apps that have access of large amounts of accounts data after checking thousands of live apps which access to facebook account.
It is not now clear that the apps have really abused their access to user data. But now Facebook has some concerns and is suspending them from working “pending a thorough investigation into whether they did in fact misuse any data.”
Facebook investigation involve with the Facebook conducting interviews with some new software developers and requesting for information about the app & data it really has access t0 also along with the audit reports.
Facebook does discover more applications which have abused access. And if the found any abusive or misuse app facebook will ban them immediately without warning & then notify to user.
As facebook announced earlier Facebook is now focusing on applications from the 2014 & earlier when Facebook start allowing apps to share info not only with user but along with their friends as well. It is now good to see Facebook is now taking action on this serious matter.
 Facebook has suspended around 200 apps so far in data misuse investigation

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