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Upgrading to Phone X, upgrade the iPhone upgrade program on upgrading to iPhone X

Preparation for IPX starts on 27th October, and is expected to be available. If you are a member of the iPhone upgrade program, you will have an opportunity to implement the order when it starts at the earliest. Apple announced that the program members on Monday October 23 ordered But the process started. The banner gives the point to the members of the Apple Store app so that they can "speed up the checkout at 10.27". This does not mean that the members of the (IEE) members are jumping the line,.
But the program is required to get members through the viability of the loan. It is important that these members see their examination on Friday by some time before ending. 9 to 5 macro notes that it only applies to current members, and "ensures the need to start day inventory." Starting an iPhone upgrade program is starting

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