Qualcomm is trying to get iPhone sales banned in China |technologypk latest tech news

Qualulum is trying to get iPhone sales held in China

According to Bloomberg, the cellulum has begun a new case against Apple, demanding Chinese sales to stop sales and manufacturing of iphone across the country. This is the latest strike in a legal war between the two companies, which started in America and has expanded since then.
In his case, Qulkumum allegedly claims that Apple is against three patents, which is not necessary for the quality of any industry - meaning that Qwalkum is not responsible for their license. The lawyer of the Volumbleman told Bloomberg that "Apple employs the techniques invented by Qualification without paying for it." These patents are asked to cover the power management and the iPhone Touch Touch feature.
Apple has great confidence in innovation, and we always want to pay a fair and reasonable rate for patent use. In our many years, ongoing negotiations with Qualifiers, these patents have never even discussed, and in fact the only few months were given only in the past. "Apple spokesman said." Regulators around the world have declared convictions to cope with their status for the year. This claim is fair and, like their other court fans, we believe this latest legal effort will fail. "
This is a moment endeavor to limit offer of iPhone deals. In July, he recorded a solitary claim in the US, indicating six licenses that Apple abused it.
It seems that the sale of any iPhones will not be banned. Rather, it is being tried to get back to Apple to overcome most of the world's losses around the globe. When they talk about the result of their suit, this can be helpful by some means.
This legal war ended in January, when Apple filed a case, claiming that the payment was paid by the order. The field was inspired by a Federal Trade Commission case, which claimed that Qualaam earned a lot of money due to its earning money in terms of selling its smartphone modemas. . Apple tried to file a suite to make similar claims around the world, and returned to different locations against violating the gelom patent.
Things are not particularly good for kulkumum. It has been repeatedly punished for the conflict, with the latest rule, when it was financed by Taiwan's fair trade commission of $ 774 million.
Qualcomm is trying to get iPhone sales banned in China |technologypk latest tech news

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