VW is building an electric racer to try and break a record |Technologypk.

VW is building an electric racer to try and break a record. Volkswagen already in the field trying to break the racing record

Is preparing to showcase their skills. VW said he would create an electric researcher with the hopes of improving Record Records International Hill Climbing record in 2018 near Colorado Springs, Colorado. Wheelchair vehicles are being manufactured by Volkswagen Motorsport in Germany, for the first time the company's racing division has developed a power plant. In the 31 years, VW has climbed mountain. 

"The Pizis Peak mountain climbing is one of the world's leading car races," a news agency said. V. Board member, Dr. Frank Welesch, responsible for development. "It's a huge challenge and therefore is suitable to prove the skills of incoming technologies." 

Walsch said that the discovery learned by the Pizza peak program and the race will be included in electric vehicles which will eventually be sold through all the VW brands. This included the renovation of famous microbes such as the ice passenger and commercial van in 2022 and in production in 2020.
Peak peak international hit has been visited in rocky mountains. The course of racing is 12.4 miles long, up to 14,000 feet above the sea level, up to 4,700 feet. Current Picks Climb Mountains for a Revised Electric Vehicle Recorded in 2016 by Rice Miller in a record

EP100 was set by, eight runs and 57.118 seconds complete. Tesla Module S. set a record for a year's production car, in the same year, 11 minutes and 48.264 seconds. The 2018 race will be held on June 24.

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VW is building an electric racer to try and break a record |Technologypk.

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