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ZTE lunch new mobile phones

When you think of a flap phone, you might probably think of a simple phone for a decade that it can call the phone and maybe send a text or two. You probably are not thinking of a device like new OSO devices, which is a completely featured smartphone, but displays two full sizes. Oh yes, and the same type that combines two shows, which makes the Ausan Aam type flip phone.

At the auto level, there is an appropriate run-off load stacked blinded cell phone. This screen is 5.2 inches, 1080 (pgc) board, it has a year ago (Qualcommum Sapdiggs) 821 processor, 4 (GB) RAM, and 20 megapixel camera. However, flip the telephone and have a comparable 5.2-inch show behind it, which is nothing other than a drive process.

M capture allows the back screen to move forward and slide right after the main display, which produces almost the size of the table size canvas. You can increase home screen and apps in two displays for a larger working area, or you can run two different apps at the same time each screen. You can also call the "tent" phone and display so that two people can see the same content at the same time.
(ZTE) says it is capable of enabling multiple double-functioning functions using the load-endorized default distribution screen features, and it is ensured that "up to 100 "Loaded Android apps work on the phone. The table version of the app is presented in the "extension" mode, which has a single app on both the screens (one provided is not always guaranteed by external apps). The obvious price, however, is as high as 12.1 mm thick and weighs 230 grams. For the competition, with its 5-inch screen
Google Pixel 2 7.8 (mm II) is thick and weighs 143 grams.
(Xiamen E) will initially sell oxygen oil with AT and T in Japan and is expected to be available in Japan before the end of this year. Although the firm has been emphasized on the company, Mohsen 7 is not ready for replacement of single-screen, it will cost the same price with other premium smartphones.

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ZTE lunch new mobile phones |technologypk latest tech news

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