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Sony will eventually change your phone design

Sony's phones have seen the same in the past four years, but it appears that they may eventually be for a change. In an interview with India Express, Canonarroo Habibi, the Sony's Managing Director of India, said that the company plans to launch a new generation of [one] product, and you are expected to complete the new design from the device. "
There is no timeframe when they can get re-converted devices, but initially it will likely be next year. Sony usually announces big phones in the Mobile World Congress in August, and then in August (EEA). We are waiting for the coming time of February. In the Indian Express report, he said that "soon."
To some extent, a new design is required at this time. Companies continue to tackle the beds around their flagship phone screens, and Sony's long-term design includes some of the most important components from the following and below. It seems that the part of this transition is because Sony plans to continue a phone with this workshop screen, which potentially adopts 18: 9-dimensional proportion, and the competition like tire biselles. Be done
Sony's current design language comes back at least at first Xperia 2013. In 2013, however, the bright design seemed to be great for two years, Sony's positions have taken some attention. And in a market where Sony is going against the phone with full screen front face, its exterior design has begun to tired.
Now, hopefully it can finally be sent to a fingerprint sensor in the US.

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