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Instagram added 200 million daily users a year after launching Stories

Due to the feature of Instagram, stores of incredible growth in store success are continuing, according to the CNBC, 800 million monthly users and access to 500 million daily users with the app now.

Stories are not difficult to give almost all the credit for this rapid growth. Insurgent at the age of six, before the launch of stories last year, 500 million monthly users and 300 million daily users were daily daily. last year. During this, their number has been uploaded up to 160 percent. Anganam's daily user is counted. Daily use is very difficult, but One feature like stories gives prizes to those who return every day; If you do not open the app in time, your friends' stories will disappear now. Facebook is constantly building businesses that reach more than 1 billion people every day, like a Voice app, which crossed the jungle. Instagram is still far away from a complete turn, but due to the start of stories, it has reached a high-speed approach.
Sang mail also talks about how to reduce the development of Instagram snapshot. snapshot used 173 million users last day, only 30 million from this year. His major initiative was a great start of Instagram due to the user's foundation, which definitely helped in such a big way in the feature. But snapshot featured it before the in-pentagram, and it seems that people are choosing the facility to stay inside the instant, which enhances unique features in which Snap is the first one. 

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